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Agarbatti in chennai,Agarbathi in chennai,Agarbatti chennai,Agarbathi chennai   Agarbatti in chennai,Agarbathi in chennai,Agarbatti chennai,Agarbathi chennai
Products - Incense Sticks
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Stretching from the Himalayas in the north to the tip of the southern peninsula and from the hills in the east to the western desert, nature’s bounty of fragrant flowers, balsamic woods and aromatic resins offers the best sources.
Guru Rayar (Jasmine)
The Guru Rayar incense sticks come in pure and natural jasmine flavor. Jasmine essential oil has a sweet, exotic and richly floral smell.
Its fragrance is associated with inner feelings and aspirations.
Jasmine is a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac.
The scent is so unreserved that it purifies the emotions. Enjoy the pure and long lasting fragrance of jasmine with our Guru Rayar jasmine incense sticks.
  guru rayar
Sandalwood is much in demand as incense and has a calming effect during meditation. Swahra yoga recommends it for the union of the senses and Tantric yoga for the awakening of sexual energy.
The oil has a woody, exotic smell, subtle and lingering and the color is pale yellow to pale gold.
Sandalwood is considered in alternative medicine to bring one closer to the divine. It gives a cool soothing effect to the body thus reducing the body heat.
Sandalwood essential oil is used for Ayurvedic purposes and treating anxiety. The Sandal incense sticks from Durga Agarbathi have exquisite and smooth woody fragrance.
  Agarbatti in chennai,Agarbathi in chennai,Agarbatti chennai,Agarbathi chennai
Durga agarbathi offers the Three-in-one agarbathi product which has three fragrances namely . Single box contains 21 incense sticks of three flavors.
This utterly sweet smelling fragrance with its bouquet of green and coniferous undertones creates a cozy atmosphere and awakens your senses to the new aura surrounding you.

A sweet, fruity creation whose aroma lingers on long after it is burnt, yet is enticing enough to leave you yearning for more. The fruity experience rejuvenates you completely, as much as eating a vitamin packed, basket full of fruits would.

The delicate, subtle fragrance of lily creates a serene ambience. Let its gently soothing and sedating qualities calm your heart and emotions and lull you into a state of peace.
  Agarbatti in chennai,Agarbathi in chennai,Agarbatti chennai,Agarbathi chennai
Kannaga Durga
Black diamond a modern art of indian incense sticks & perfumed agarbatti. These agarbathies is used as room refresher and for prayers too.  
We feel this aroma resembles spray perfume. Raw materials for black perfumed Indian incense sticks consists of powdered wood, charcoal, jigat mixed with water and this mixture is rolled on bamboo sticks.
  Agarbatti in chennai,Agarbathi in chennai,Agarbatti chennai,Agarbathi chennai
Swarna Durga
Swarna Durga bears the Sugandam flavour to call upon and make peace to our ancestral people. Sugandam incense sticks gives  fragrance  excellently...
a smooth sandalwood base, made rich and warm by the addition of musk, and with just a hint of lotus blossom. It smells very nicely it spreads aroma everywhere and it stays for long period
  Agarbatti in chennai,Agarbathi in chennai,Agarbatti chennai,Agarbathi chennai
Sai durga - [Saudi Arabia, South west Asia Flavor]
Sai Durga is a hand rolled incense stick with flavors from Saudi Arabia and South West Asia. They're ideal for formal ceremonies, and are also believed to be able to help combat illness. Pakeezah means "pure of heart" - and their elusive but captivating fragrance is made using an ancient recipe, based on the rare and precious halmadi resin, with strong woody and floral overtones.   sai durga
ROSE – Gulab
Rose is the King of Flowers and the Flower of Kings. Its tenderness and mild fragrance has won the hearts of millions.

The Rose fragrance has been given a magical touch by us. Powerfully fragrant and long lasting, the scent will linger in your rooms for hours. It evokes the feel of the tropical and evokes a warm, melodious scent. This unique scent is reminiscent of a warm summer evening.
  rose products
Durga Herbal Sambrani Powder
Sambrani induces serenity, removing negative thoughts and calming the nervous system. Often used in Indian temples and spiritual ceremonies. Durga agarbathi offers Herbal sambrani powder of high quality and purity. It is specially blended with high quality resins. Its pure essence offers amazing aroma & natural remedy that contains essential property (Benzoin) to counterfeit unhygienic air borne viruses that distress our mind, health and environment.   computer sambarani

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