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History of Incense Sticks  
It is interesting to note that the sense of smell is more primitive than the other senses and is directly linked to that part of the brain which is older, in an evolutionary sense, as compared to the rest of the brain. Is it any wonder then, that incense, which has all to do with our sense of smell, dates back to the dawn of history itself and the burning of incense is one of the oldest practices of mankind? The origin of using aromatic substances can be traced back to the Stone Age or probably even before that.

Aromatic substances have been of fundamental relevance to religious and cultural practices and developments throughout history and have been an inspiration for explorers, aristocrats, writers, artists, poets, merchants and priests and the world trade in these scents of nature has never declined.
It is one of the oldest uses of incense, as old as 5,000 years. It uses pure, essential oils to rejuvenate and maintain harmony of body, mind and spirit, based on the principle that the subtle power of fragrance plays an important role in our health and wellness. Interestingly, aromatherapy is facing a resurgence in popularity today along with its associated branches – Ayurvedic Aromatherapy – the ancient art & science, in practice for thousands of years and working on holistic principles to re-establish balance in the three doshas – Vata, Pitta & Kapha, using fragrances, and, Aroma-psychology and personality profiling, comparatively newer entrants, which study natural fragrance preference to assess which essential oil brings out a person’s most positive traits. a
Bad odours    
Bad odours can be eliminated. You can get rid of unwanted odours in kitchens and bathrooms by using incense and keep these areas fresh & sweet smelling.
Concentration & focus
Concentration & focus. Whether it is while studying or at work, the use of specific incenses enables clear thinking and helps in developing a state of complete awareness.
Divining the muse    
Divining the muse. For writers, painters, or any kind of artistes, burning incense provides the right setting as you meet one creative challenge after another, in search of the muse. d
Entertain guests
Entertain guests. Delight and impress your guests with your sense of creativity and sophistication, by having a uniquely scented home.
Freshen up surroundings
Freshen up surroundings. The use of incense enlivens and transforms your space into something special, whether it is a cosy, intimate touch for your room or a more formal office ambience to be enhanced.
Gift it    
Gift it. What better way to share your love for incense and introduce others to the wonderful world of fragrance?
Healing touch
Healing touch. Incense carries the power to heal, be it a light headache or a serious depression, herbal incense is used in a variety of therapies.
Inspiring. Scents can inspire you, stimulate you and boost your confidence. After all, scents are known for their mood-altering effects.
Just like that
Just like that. Sometimes you can burn incense for no particular reason at all. Incense just for the sake of incense.
Kundalini flow improves    
Kundalini flow improves. Latent spiritual energy, or kundalini, flow through the prana kosha or energy sheath, one of the various sheaths that make up a human being, according to an ancient system of belief. Incense has the power to increase this energy flow, which in turn, positively influences the other sheaths, resulting in complete well being.
Lifestyle product
Lifestyle product. Increasing popularity has resulted in incense being positioned as a lifestyle product and something very fashionable to use. Be ‘in’ with the times and make sure you are using it.
Meditation - Incense is believed to have a deep connection to spirituality and burning of incense creates an excellent atmosphere for meditation, a practice in vogue down the ages.
Natural disinfectant & fumigant
Natural disinfectant & fumigant. Use it as a chemical-free insecticide & pesticide to repel mosquitoes & other pests, and you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.
Natural disinfectant & fumigant. Use it as a chemical-free insecticide & pesticide to repel mosquitoes & other pests, and you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.
Occult uses    
Occult uses. Incense has its mystical dimension and is absolutely indispensable to any occult or magical practice. It is said to improve the medium’s psychic abilities and help spirits to manifest themselves. o
Purifies the environment
Purifies the environment. Immense purifying properties are ascribed to incense which cleanses, not only the surroundings, but also the individual, who as part of the environment, feels psychologically cleansed.
Quells nervous feelings
Quells nervous feelings. Fragrances have been proved to have a soothing effect on frayed nerves & jaded minds, and dispel doubts and uncertainties.
Relieves stress    
Relieves stress. Burning of incense works as an effective outlet for stress, a channel for releasing pent-up tensions and maintaining one’s well being.
Special occasions
Special occasions. Festivals, weddings and all kinds of celebrations can be given a special touch by having a delightful fragrance drift around.
Tranquillity created
Tranquillity created. An incense stick works like a magic wand that, instantly on lighting, creates an ambience of peace and serenity.
Unwind. Ideal for unwinding after a hard day’s work. It induces your body to relax and helps you let your hair down. u
Vibrations. Incense has the power to counter negative vibes and create positive vibrations which uplift both the emotional and the physical state.
Worship. Down the ages and across various religions, incense has been an inextricable part of worship. For our ancestors in every culture, it symbolised the sacredness associated with prayer and ritual.
There are ‘X’ number of uses for incense    
There are ‘X’ number of uses for incense. But probably the most eXquisite of them would be the out-of-the-world eXperience that the variety of scents provide. x
Yoga. Incense is an excellent accompaniment to the practice of yoga. On burning, it produces an effect conducive to the state of mind required for dedicated yoga.
Zzzzzz……Sleep inducing    
Zzzzzz……Sleep inducing. The next time you are troubled by restless sleep, or if you are habitually plagued by insomnia, try the caressing power of fragrance to lull you to sleep.

Apart from all this, incense is the foundation of today’s fragrance industry, used as a base in the preparation of perfumes, deodorants, lotions, creams, shampoos, soaps, cosmetics and air fresheners. Resins such as myrrh have bacteriostatic properties and are used in the making of toothpastes and mouthwashes.

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